PathIsDirectory function may be blocked when called by using a UNC server name with a trailing backslash

This article helps you resolve the problem where the PathIsDirectory function may be blocked when it is called by applications that use a UNC server name that has a trailing backslash.

Original product version:   Windows SDK for Windows 10
Original KB number:   4525162


Applications that call the PathIsDirectory function may block the calling thread for up to two minutes when they make the call by using a Universal Naming Convention (UNC) server name that has a trailing backslash, for example: \\servername\.


An application that is blocking a calling thread in a PathIsDirectory call may have a call stack that resembles the following:

0:000> kn
# Child-SP RetAddr Call Site
00 0000006f3b59f108 00007ffc94f48ba3 ntdll!ZwWaitForSingleObject+0x14
01 0000006f3b59f110 00007ffc8eebb303 KERNELBASE!WaitForSingleObjectEx+0x93
02 (Inline Function) ---------------- WINHTTP!HTTP_USER_REQUEST::_HandleSyncPending+0x2d
03 0000006f3b59f1b0 00007ffc8eec9a85 WINHTTP!HTTP_USER_REQUEST::SendRequest+0x3f3
04 0000006f3b59f2b0 00007ffc8afff4fe WINHTTP!WinHttpSendRequest+0x585
05 0000006f3b59f410 00007ffc8b000135 davclnt!DavDoesServerDoDav+0x4ba
06 0000006f3b59f4f0 00007ffc8affc2fa davclnt!DavShouldStartWebclientService+0x2f9
07 0000006f3b59f570 00007ffc70b8e851 davclnt!NPGetResourceInformation+0x23a
08 0000006f3b59f610 00007ffc70b8c7d5 MPR!CGetResourceInformation::TestProvider+0x21
09 0000006f3b59f650 00007ffc70b8c9fd MPR!CRoutedOperation::GetResult+0x135
0a 0000006f3b59f6d0 00007ffc70b8ca69 MPR!CMprOperation::Perform+0x4d
0b 0000006f3b59f710 00007ffc70b8e9bf MPR!CRoutedOperation::Perform+0x29
0c 0000006f3b59f740 00007ffc956ed27c MPR!WNetGetResourceInformationW+0x4f
0d 0000006f3b59f7d0 00007ff7226f292e SHLWAPI!PathIsDirectoryW+0x60fc

This occurs when the WNetGetResourceInformation function is called to obtain information about the specified server. In this call stack, the Web DAV network provider DLL (DAVCLNT.DLL) blocks the calling thread while it waits for the specified server to respond to an HTTP request. This operation may take up to two minutes to time out. The calling thread will be blocked until the server responds to the HTTP request or until the request times out.


Applications can avoid this scenario if you remove the trailing backslash in the UNC name before PathIsDirectory is called, as this: \\servername.

Alternatively, to avoid the delay in the HTTP request that is made by the Web DAV network provider, either disable the WebClient service or configure the service to start automatically.