Actions aren't available in Power Automate for desktop

This article provides a resolution for an issue where you can't find some actions in Microsoft Power Automate for desktop.

Applies to:   Power Automate
Original KB number:   5001122


In Power Automate for desktop, some actions appear to be missing or aren't visible.


This issue is caused by the inability to perform certification revocation on the library files that comprise the group of actions inside Power Automate for desktop.

The prevention of the requisite checks is caused by limited access to the web, due to configurations and rules imposed on the user's PC.


Power Automate for desktop is required to be online to function properly.

Validating a certification requires checking for certification revocation by either downloading a certificate revocation list (CRL) or using Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP).

  1. The following table lists endpoint data requirements for connectivity from a user's machine for desktop flows runs.

    These endpoints should be approved from the corporate network in order to allow access to them:

    Endpoint type Domains Protocols Uses
    Worldwide endpoints
    http Access to the CRL server for the public cloud.

    For more information, see Desktop flows services required for runtime.

  2. If an enterprise has restricted online access, then group policy can be used to apply an appropriate policy for the preferred method for revocation check.

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