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Windows 11 SE Overview

Windows 11 SE is an edition of Windows designed for education. Windows SE runs on web-first devices that use essential education apps, and it comes with Microsoft Office 365 preinstalled (subscription sold separately).

For education customers seeking cost-effective devices, Microsoft Windows 11 SE is a great choice. Windows 11 SE includes the following benefits:

  • A simplified and secure experience for students, where student privacy is prioritized. With a curated allowlist of applications maintained by Microsoft, Windows SE is designed to only run essential education apps
  • IT admin can remotely manage Windows 11 SE devices using Microsoft Intune for Education
  • It's built for low-cost devices

Screenshot of Windows 11 SE showing Start menu and taskbar with default layout

Get Windows 11 SE

Windows 11 SE is only available preinstalled on devices from OEMs. OEMs install Windows 11 SE, and make the devices available for you to purchase. For example, you can purchase Microsoft Surface SE devices with Windows 11 SE already installed.

Application types

The following table lists the different application types available in Windows operating systems, detailing which application types are enabled in Windows 11 SE.

App type Description Enabled Note
Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) PWAs are web-based applications that can run in a browser and that can be installed as standalone apps. PWAs are enabled by default in Windows 11 SE.
Web apps Web apps are web-based applications that run in a browser. Web apps are enabled by default in Windows 11 SE.
Win32 Win32 applications are Windows classic applications that might require installation If users try to install or execute Win32 applications that aren't allowed to run, they fail.
Universal Windows Platform (UWP)/Store apps UWP apps are commonly obtained from the Microsoft Store and might require installation If users try to install or execute UWP applications that haven't been allowed to run, they fail.


If there are specific Win32 or UWP applications that you want to allow, work with Microsoft to get them enabled. For more information, see Add your own applications.

Applications included in Windows 11 SE

The following table lists all the applications included in Windows 11 SE and the pinning to either the Start menu or to the taskbar.

App name App type Pinned to Start? Pinned to taskbar?
Alarm & Clock UWP
Calculator UWP
Camera UWP
Microsoft Edge Win32
Excel Win32
Feedback Hub UWP
File Explorer Win32
FlipGrid PWA
Get Help UWP
Media Player UWP
Maps UWP
Minecraft: Education Edition UWP
Movies & TV UWP
News UWP
Notepad Win32
OneDrive Win32
OneNote Win32
Outlook PWA
Paint Win32
Photos UWP
PowerPoint Win32
Settings UWP
Snip & Sketch UWP
Sticky Notes UWP
Teams Win32
Whiteboard UWP
Word Win32

Available applications

The following applications can also run on Windows 11 SE, and can be deployed using Intune for Education. For more information, see Configure applications with Microsoft Intune.

Application Supported version App Type Vendor
3d builder 18.0.1931.0 Win32 Microsoft
Absolute Software Endpoint Agent Win32 Absolute Software Corporation
AirSecure 8.0.0 Win32 AIR
Alertus Desktop Win32 Alertus technologies
AristotleK12 Borderless Classroom 3.0.11. Win32 Sergeant Laboratories
AristotleK12 Analytics 10.0.6 Win32 Sergeant Laboratories
AristotleK12 Network filter 3.1.10 Win32 Sergeant Laboratories
Bluebook 0.9.203 Win32 Collegeboard
Brave Browser 106.0.5249.119 Win32 Brave
Bulb Digital Portfolio Store Bulb
CA Secure Browser 15.0.0 Win32 Cambium Development
Cisco Umbrella 3.0.466.0 Win32 Cisco
CKAuthenticator 3.6+ Win32 ContentKeeper
Class Policy 116.0.0 Win32 Class Policy 1.40.0004 Win32 NetSupport
Clipchamp 2.5.2. Store Microsoft
CoGat Secure Browser Win32 Riverside Insights
ColorVeil Win32 East-Tec
ContentKeeper Cloud 9.01.45 Win32 ContentKeeper Technologies
DigiExam 14.1.0 Win32 Digiexam
Digital Secure testing browser 15.0.0 Win32 Digiexam
Dolphin Guide Connect 1.27 Win32 Dolphin Guide Connect
Dragon Professional Individual Win32 Nuance Communications
DRC INSIGHT Online Assessments Store Data recognition Corporation
Duo from Cisco 6.3.0 Win32 Cisco
Dyknow Win32 Dyknow
e-Speaking Voice and Speech recognition Win32 e-speaking
EasyReader Win32 Dolphin Computer Access
Easysense 2 1.32.0001 Win32 Data Harvest
Epson iProjection 3.31 Win32 Epson
ESET Endpoint Security 10.1.2046.0 Win32 ESET
ESET Remote Administrator Agent 10.0.1126.0 Win32 ESET
eTests 4.0.25 Win32 CASAS
Exam Writepad Win32 Sheldnet
FirstVoices Keyboard 15.0.270 Win32 SIL International
FortiClient Win32 Fortinet
Free NaturalReader 16.1.2 Win32 Natural Soft
Ghotit Real Writer & Reader Win32 Ghotit Ltd
GoGuardian 1.4.4 Win32 GoGuardian
Google Chrome 110.0.5481.178 Win32 Google
GuideConnect 1.24 Win32 Dolphin Computer Access
Illuminate Lockdown Browser 2.0.5 Win32 Illuminate Education
Immunet Win32 Immunet
Impero Backdrop Client 5.0.151 Win32 Impero Software
IMT Lazarus 2.86.0 Win32 IMTLazarus
Inprint 3.7.6 Win32 Inprint
Inspiration 10 10.11 Win32 TechEdology Ltd
Instashare 2 Win32 BenQ
JAWS for Windows 2024.2312.53 Win32 Freedom Scientific
Kite Student Portal Win32 Dynamic Learning Maps
Keyman 16.0.142 Win32 SIL International
Kortext 2.3.433.0 Store Kortext
Kurzweil 3000 Assistive Learning 20.13.0000 Win32 Kurzweil Educational Systems
LanSchool Classic Win32 Stoneware, Inc.
LanSchool Air 2.0.13312 Win32 Stoneware, Inc.
Lexibar 3.07.02 Win32 Lexibar
LGfL HomeProtect Win32 LGFL
Lightspeed Smart Agent 1.9.1 Win32 Lightspeed Systems
Lightspeed Classroom Win32 Lightspeed Systems
Lightspeed Filter Agent 2.5.2 Win32 Lightspeed Systems
Lightspeed Digital Win32 Lightspeed Systems
Linewize Authentication agent 1.4.1 Win32 Linewize
MetaMoJi ClassRoom Store MetaMoJi Corporation
Microsoft Connect 10.0.22000.1 Store Microsoft
Mind+ Desktop 1.8.0 Win32 Mind+Desktop
Mozilla Firefox 116.0.2 Win32 Mozilla
Mobile Plans 5.1911.3171.0 Store Microsoft Corporation
Musescore Win32 Musescore
NAPLAN 5.2.2 Win32 NAP
Netref Student 23.1.0 Win32 NetRef
NetSupport DNA 4.80.0000 Win32 NetSupport
NetSupport Manager 14.00.0012 Win32 NetSupport
NetSupport Notify Win32 NetSupport
NetSupport School 14.00.0012 Win32 NetSupport
NextUp Talker 1.0.49 Win32 NextUp Technologies
Netsweeper Workstation Agent Win32 Netsweeper
NonVisual Desktop Access 2023.3 Win32 NV Access
NWEA Secure Testing Browser 5.4.387.0 Win32 NWEA
PC Talker Neo 2209 Win32 Kochi System Development
PC Talker Neo Plus 2209 Win32 Kochi System Development
PaperCut 22.0.6 Win32 PaperCut Software International Pty Ltd
Pearson TestNav 1.11.3 Store Pearson
Project Monarch Outlook 1.2023.831.400 Store Microsoft
Questar Secure Browser Win32 Questar, Inc
ReadAndWriteForWindows 12.0.78 Win32 Texthelp Ltd.
Remote Desktop client (MSRDC) 1.2.4487.0 Win32 Microsoft
Remote Help 5.0.1311.0 Win32 Microsoft
Respondus Lockdown Browser Win32 Respondus
Safe Exam Browser Win32 Safe Exam Browser
SchoolYear 3.7.10 Win32 SchoolYear
School Manager 3.6.10-1149 Win32 Linewize
Schoolnet Secure Tester 2.1.0 Win32 School Net
Scratch 3.0 Win32 MIT
Senso.Cloud 2021.11.15.0 Win32 Senso.Cloud
Skoolnext 2.19 Win32
Smoothwall Monitor 2.9.2 Win32 Smoothwall Ltd
SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader 22.04 Win32 Dolphin Computer Access
SuperNova Magnifier & Speech 21.03 Win32 Dolphin Computer Access
Snapplify 6.9.7 Win32 Snapplify
TX Secure Browser 16.0.0 Win32 Cambium Development
VitalSourceBookShelf Win32 VitalSource Technologies Inc
WA Secure Browser 16.0.0 Win32 Cambium Development
Winbird 19 Win32 Winbird Co., Ltd.
WordQ 5.4.29 Win32 WordQ
Windows SEB 3.4.0 Win32 Illinois Stateboard of Education
Windows Notepad 12.0.78 Store Microsoft Corporation
Zoom 5.12.8 (10232) Win32 Zoom
ZoomText Fusion 2024.2403.1.400 Win32 Freedom Scientific
ZoomText Magnifier/Reader 2024.2402.66.400 Win32 Freedom Scientific

Add your own applications

If the applications you need aren't in the available applications list, you can submit an application request at Anyone from a school district can submit the request. In the form, sign in with your school account, such as We'll update you using this email account.

Microsoft reviews every app request to make sure each app meets the following requirements:

  • Apps can be any native Windows app type, such as a Microsoft Store app, Win32 app, .MSIX, .APPX, and more
  • Apps must be in one of the following app categories:
    • Content Filtering apps
    • Test Taking solutions
    • Assistive technologies
    • Classroom communication apps
    • Essential diagnostics, management, and supportability apps
  • Apps must meet the performance requirements of Windows 11
  • Apps must meet the following security requirements:
    • All app binaries are code-signed
    • All files include the OriginalFileName in the resource file header
    • All kernel drivers are WHQL-signed
  • Apps don't have an equivalent web application
  • Apps can't invoke any processes that can be used to jailbreak a device, automate jailbreaks, or present a security risk. For example, processes such as Reg.exe, CBE.exe, CMD.exe, and KD.exe are blocked on Windows 11 SE

If the app meets the requirements, Microsoft works with the Independent Software Vendor (ISV) to test the app, and make sure the app works as expected on Windows 11 SE.

When the app is ready, Microsoft will update you. Then, you add the app to the Intune for Education portal, and assign it to your Windows 11 SE devices.

For more information on Intune requirements for adding education apps, see Configure applications with Microsoft Intune.