Sonarqube Docker Web App on Linux with Azure SQL

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This template deploys Sonarqube in an Azure App Service web app Linux container using the official Sonarqube image and backed by an Azure SQL Server.

Compatible Versions of Sonarqube

  • Compatible: Sonarqube v7.7 and below.
  • Not Compatible: Sonarqube v7.8 and above.

Sonarqube v7.8 and above does not work in Azure App Service Web App for Containers. This is because ElasticSearch is included by Sonarqube in version 7.8 and above but this requires vm.max_map_count = 262144 to be set in the container host kernel. At this time, there is no way to configure this setting for an Azure App Service Web App for Containers. See Issue #7481 for more information.

Tags: Microsoft.Web/serverfarms, Microsoft.Web/sites, config, Microsoft.Sql/servers, firewallrules, databases