Use server-side synchronization with Sales Copilot


This article is relevant only if you've connected Sales Copilot to your Dynamics 365 environment.

Server-side synchronization provides direct synchronization of emails, appointments, contacts, and tasks between Dynamics 365 applications and Exchange email server. Turning on server-side synchronization is a pre-requisite for saving Outlook emails and appointments to Dynamics 365. Enabling server-side synchronization has the following benefits:

  • All participants in an email or appointments who are Sales Copilot users will see the same status (saved or unsaved) of the Outlook activity.

  • Remove saved emails and appointments.

  • Automatically save replies to emails which were saved to CRM.

Turn on server-side synchronization

If you are a CRM administrator, you can simplify seller experience by setting up server-side synchronization of emails and appointments for all Sales Copilot users. For information about enabling server-side synchronization, see Connect to Exchange Online.

If you are a seller and if server-side synchronization is not enabled for you by your administrator, you are prompted to enable server-side synchronization for your mailbox when you save Outlook activities to Dynamics 365 using Sales Copilot for the first time.


If you don't turn on server-side synchronization, a message is displayed when you save an email or a meeting for the first time to your CRM.

Mailbox configuration for saving Outlook activities to Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 users will have their mailboxes configured based on the settings provided as part of turning on server-side synchronization.

For a Sales Copilot user to save Outlook emails and appointments to Dynamics 365 from Sales Copilot, their mailboxes need to be:

  • Configured to use server-side synchronization for incoming email, outgoing email, and appointments.

  • Approved

  • (configuration) Tested and enabled

In addition to the above configuration, sellers can have replies to a saved email saved to CRM automatically if any option other than No email messages is selected under the Email tab in Personalization Settings in Dynamics 365.  

Troubleshooting errors

If you get error due to server-side synchronization, see the following troubleshooting guides for the resolution: