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Known issues for new Microsoft Teams

  • PowerPoint Live Standout isn't yet available.
  • Language-aware spell checking is currently not available in the new Teams. The team is focusing on this issue with a high priority. Check back for updates.
  • New Teams client isn't respecting the date time formats set in the OS. This issue affects both 12h/24h time formatting and date formatting in the product. A fix is pending; check back for updates.
  • The app will crash if users hit enter instead of clicking the Create button after entering the team name in the team creation wizard.
  • The calendar icon will show an error message for users not licensed with Exchange Online. A fix to hide the calendar icon for these users is expected soon.
  • Cross Cloud Guest Access (CCGA) accounts aren't yet shown on the Web client. Until this feature is available, users can use CCGA meeting-join links or navigate directly to the cloud-specific URL in a new tab.
  • If using classic Teams for Web to open a Cross Cloud Meeting (CCM) link into a cloud where the user is opted into new Teams for web, the meeting join will fail. Until a fix is ready, users can navigate directly to the cloud-specific URL to join their meeting.
  • A website doesn't load in the new Teams desktop.
  • The new Teams desktop app fails to render video.
  • Collaborative Notes is only available in public clouds, and not in EDU (Academic SKUs).
  • Scheduling a Teams Live Event (TLE) redirects to the classic Teams web experience. This feature will continue to work even after the deprecation of classic Teams.
  • When editing a TLE on the web, users can't use the Join and Chat buttons. Selecting these buttons doesn't take the user to the join or chat experiences.
  • When editing a TLE on the web, users can't use the Manage live event resources link at the bottom of the page. Selecting the link redirects the user to a different page. Resources for the event, can be found at the top of the page.
  • The Manage live event resources link in the calendar invite doesn't work outside of Teams. Users must open the invite in Teams calendar to edit the session and access event resources.
  • If a user closes a TLE session on the web, the next time they open Teams on the web, Teams might try and relaunch the last TLE event the user was in.
  • The app will crash on startup with the error if the Pleora Technologies eBUS SDK is installed. Update to the latest version of the SDK or uninstall.
  • Town Halls do not yet support web users on Firefox or Safari browsers.

Issues specifically for the new Microsoft Teams for Education


Issues in the first section of this article also may affect EDU. If your issue isn't on either list, file a support ticket at:

The desktop clients will be updated as issues are fixed and functionality added. Check back here for the latest information.

We currently have no EDU-specific features, but this may change.

What features are changing?

As we improved the client, the experience also improved to align with similar features. Learn more: Features that are changing in the new Microsoft Teams