Is it possible to reopen a closed year within Microsoft Dynamics NAV

If a fiscal year has been accidentally closed within the Account Period in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, is there a way to reopen the year? Unfortunately, you can't.

Applies to:   Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Original KB number:   2019998

Unfortunately, there is not a reopen or undo option within the Account Period similar to what you would see within the Inventory Period window. Within the base application, once you close the year by selecting the Close Year button, you will be unable to make the changes to the Accounting Periods. This prevents companies from changing their fiscal year data after the year has been closed.

At this point, the best and only supported option would be to restore to a backup prior to the year being closed.Also we would recommend taking away permissions to the Account Period to any user that should not be closing or changing any of the year setups.

If that is not an option, then you could do the following. However, this is not a supported way since you will be doing data manipulation. This would be just a general guideline of what you could do.

  1. Was Close Year the only option you completed? If yes, then you can refer to steps B-E.
  2. If the user did run the additional step of Close Income Statement process, after the Close Year was done, were the entries from this batch posted?

If the entries were not posted, then you can refer to steps A-E.

If the entries were posted, then restoring to a backup prior to this occurring is your only option. Reason being is you not only would have to manipulate the Account Period setup but also several entries as they are the C12/31/xxxx type of closing entries. It would be much work trying to change these entries as well as making reversing entries to get your accounts back to where they were prior to the close (for example, balance sheet vs. income statement accounts doing the reversal, and so on). This is also not supported when data manipulation of this type is done.

  1. Delete the close income statement batch job that currently exists.

  2. Through the object designer, you will need to edit table 50 Accounting Period so that the following fields have the option of editable set to yes.

    • Closed
    • Date Locked
  3. Once step 2 is completed, then you'll need to open the Account Period form and manually unmark all periods for the Closed field within the year that should not have been closed.

  4. Next you'll unmark all Date Locked periods within the incorrectly closed year except the first period. If you're going based on calendar year, then an example would be 01/01/2010. This should have theNew Fiscal Year marked, Closed field unmarked, and Date Locked marked.


    This is assuming that the prior year, in this example it would be 2009, has already been officially closed. Otherwise the Date Locked would not yet be marked for 01/01/2010. The best and recommended option would be to compare what the setup was prior to the Close Year being done to verify the new settings are correct if restoring to the backup is not an option.

  5. Once all prior steps are completed, then Microsoft Dynamics NAV should be back at a point of where you were prior to the 2010 being closed.