Retrieves an array of all Game Chat state changes to process since the last such call.


void start_processing_state_changes(  
    uint32_t* stateChangeCount,  
    game_chat_state_change_array* stateChanges  


stateChangeCount   _Out_
Type: uint32_t*

A place to write the number of game_chat_state_change entries for the app to handle in the stateChanges array.

stateChanges   _Outptr_result_buffer_(*stateChangeCount)
Type: game_chat_state_change_array*

A place to store a pointer to the array of all game_chat_state_change entries for the app to handle and then pass to chat_manager::finish_processing_state_changes().

Return value

Type: void


This method provides a list of all changes currently available for the app since the last call to this method. The app should use the provided array of 0 or more changes to update its own state or UI, and then call chat_manager::finish_processing_state_changes() with them in a timely manner.

If you call chat_manager::start_processing_state_changes() again without having called chat_manager::finish_processing_state_changes() on the list of state change objects returned by a previous call, this method will throw an exception. You must always call chat_manager::finish_processing_state_changes() with the values returned by chat_manager::start_processing_state_changes(), even if it returns 0 state change entries.

Once chat_manager::start_processing_state_changes() has been called, chat_manager::remove_user() must not be called until after the corresponding call to chat_manager::finish_processing_state_changes(). Calling chat_manager::remove_user() while state changes are being processed will invalidate the memory associated with the removed user, even if a pointer to the memory associated with that user was returned in a state change.


Header: GameChat2.h

Supported platforms: Windows, Xbox One family consoles and Xbox Series consoles

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