Dexplore Command-line Options

The command-line options for dexplore.exe, the executable that starts Document Explorer, enable you to set several options, such as the default filter and window type.

Dexplore Option Syntax

The syntax rules for dexplore options are similar to those followed by other DOS command-line utilities. The following syntax rules apply to all dexplore options and their arguments:

  • Commands begin with dexplore.

    For example, the command, dexplore /lcid 1033, specifies English as the default language for the text in the user interface.

  • Options are not case sensitive.

  • File paths and file names that include spaces must be enclosed in double quotation mark ("").

  • File paths must include the drive letter.

  • Separate multiple options and multiple arguments with one space character.

  • You cannot use wildcards or other pattern matching syntax in dexplore commands.

Dexplore Options

Use the following command-line options to display Document Explorer and perform the described task.

Command line option


/? (Microsoft Document Explorer Help)

Displays a message box which lists the available options for dexplore.


Specifies that Document Explorer loads the indicated Help collection.


Specifies the filter used for Contents and Index.

/LCID (Microsoft Document Explorer Help)

Sets the default language for text and other elements in the Document Explorer user interface.


Specifies the default content that appears when you start Document Explorer.


Specifies the default topic that appears when you start Document Explorer.


Microsoft Internal Use Only.

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