GenerateTrustInfo task

Generates the application trust from the base manifest, and from the TargetZone and ExcludedPermissions parameters.


The following table describes the parameters of the GenerateTrustInfo task.

Parameter Description
ApplicationDependencies Optional ITaskItem[] parameter.

Specifies the dependent assemblies.
BaseManifest Optional ITaskItem parameter.

Specifies the base manifest to generate the application trust from.
ExcludedPermissions Optional String parameter.

Specifies one or more semicolon-separated permission identity values to be excluded from the zone default permission set.
TargetZone Optional String parameter.

Specifies a zone default permission set, which is obtained from machine policy.
TrustInfoFile Required ITaskItem output parameter.

Specifies the file that contains the application security trust information.


In addition to having the parameters that are listed in the table, this task inherits parameters from the TaskExtension class, which itself inherits from the Task class. For a list of these additional parameters and their descriptions, see TaskExtension base class.

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