Explore your Go-To-Market with Microsoft offers

Appropriate roles: Global admin | MPN Partner Admin


The Microsoft Partner Network is now called the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program.

This article describes the marketing benefits that are available to partners on the new benefits preview (see screenshot) in Partner Center.

It also describes how to activate the benefit.

Screenshot of marketing benefits.


The Marketing benefits page encompasses both the of Go-To-Market (GTM) benefits and the Marketplace rewards benefits which were previously on two separate pages.

Marketing benefits with Microsoft resources, offers, and programs are among the many benefits you receive as a member of Microsoft Cloud Partner Program.

Marketing benefits give you access to exclusive sales and marketing resources that can help you accelerate your time to market, generate leads, and expand your business.


If you're not already a member, join the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program.

Marketing resources, offers, and programs available by membership level

Marketing differs based on your level of membership, your specializations, and the Solution Partner designations you achieve.

All Microsoft Cloud Partner Program members have access to certain standard Marketing resources.

Standard Marketing resources include:

  • Access to ready-to-go marketing assets.

  • A sales enablement platform

  • On-demand digital marketing

Even more Marketing offers and programs are available to partners who achieve Solutions Partner designations and to ISV partners with a co-sell ready offer, including:

  • Business profile optimization and referral management
  • How to market with Microsoft


Marketing resources, offers, and programs are subject to additions and changes.

To learn about the latest Marketing resources and offers available for partners who achieve different Solutions Partner designations and/or ISV partners with a co-sell ready offer, go to the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program Marketing benefits page.

View marketing benefits in Partner Center

To view your Marketing benefits:

  1. Sign in to Partner Center and select Benefits.
  2. Select Marketing benefits.

You'll see a list of Marketing offers that are either already active or that are available to activate.

Manage or activate marketing offers in Partner Center

To activate or manage your Marketing offers, see Manage Go-To-Market offers.

As part of the activation process, you assign a marketing person as a contact for follow-up emails and communications about the Marketing offers you activate.


You must be a Global admin or MPN Partner Admin to activate specific Go-To-Market offers and assign a related marketing contact.

If necessary, you can become a Global admin by following the instructions on your Benefits page (sign-in required). Your company may already have a Global admin, so be sure to check with your team.

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