Information about the cubage and weight measurement on inventory items in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

This article describes the cubage measurement and the weight measurement on inventory items in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Applies to:   Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Original KB number:   967783

If you want to measure cubage and weight on items for storage purposes in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you must have the Warehouse Management granule (4620) to use for this functionality. You can use the Item Units of Measure dialog box. To open the Item Units of Measure dialog box, select the lookup button in the Base Unit of Measure field in the Item Card dialog box. In the Item Units of Measure dialog box, there are fields that can be displayed to help with the physical dimensions of an item. For example, you can show the Height, Width, Length, Cubage, and the Weight fields for an item. To show these fields, you can right-click the header in the Item Units of Measure dialog box, and then select Show column.

For example, if you have an Item Unit of Measure value of PCS and type 10 in the Height field, the Width field and the Length field, the Cubage field will automatically calculate value to be 1000. You can enter the weight individually for each unit of measure. As soon as you have the cubage calculated on the items, Microsoft Dynamics NAV use the maximum cubage for the Bin to compare and then make sure that too many items aren't put away into the Bin.

In this example, we assume that the empty Bin has a maximum cubage of 1,500. When I try to enter a quantity of 2 into the warehouse journal, you receive the following message:

Cubage to place (2000) exceeds the available capacity (1500) on Bin (Bin Number). Do you still want to use this Bin?

If you select Yes and then try to register this document, you'll receive a message that states that you can't register the document because of the exceeding of the maximum cubage that is assigned to the Bin.


Realize the degree that your Bins limits are respected is controlled by the Bin Capacity Policy field in the location card.