Microsoft Purview compliance portal

The Microsoft Purview compliance portal is your platform for accessing all the risk and compliance solutions in Microsoft Purview. The portal provides access to the data and tools for managing your organization's compliance needs.

Read this article to get acquainted with the compliance portal, how to access it, and your next steps.

Microsoft Purview compliance portal home page.


If you're not an E5 customer, use the 90-day Microsoft Purview solutions trial to explore how additional Purview capabilities can help your organization manage data security and compliance needs. Start now at the Microsoft Purview compliance portal trials hub. Learn details about signing up and trial terms.

Welcome to Microsoft Purview

When you go to the compliance portal for the first time, you're greeted with the following welcome message:

Microsoft Purview compliance portal intro.

The welcome banner gives you some pointers on how to get started, with next steps, and an invitation for you to give us feedback.

Card section

When you first visit the compliance portal, the card section on the home page shows you at a glance how your organization is doing with data compliance, what solutions are available for your organization, and a summary of any active alerts.

From here, you can:

  • Review the Microsoft Purview Compliance Manager card, which leads you to the Compliance Manager solution. Compliance Manager helps simplify the way you manage compliance. It calculates a risk-based score measuring your progress toward completing recommended actions that help reduce risks around data protection and regulatory standards. It also provides workflow capabilities and built-in control mapping to help you efficiently carry out improvement actions.

    Compliance Manager card Microsoft Purview compliance portal.

  • Review the new Solution catalog card, which links to collections of integrated solutions you can use to help you manage end-to-end compliance scenarios. A solution's capabilities and tools might include a combination of policies, alerts, reports, and more.

    Solution catalog card Microsoft Purview compliance portal.

  • Review the Active alerts card, which includes a summary of the most active alerts and includes a link where you can view more detailed information, such as Severity, Status, Category, and more.

    Active alerts card Microsoft Purview compliance portal.

You can also use the Add cards feature to add additional cards, such as one showing your organization's cloud app compliance, and another showing data about users with shared files, with links to Defender for Cloud Apps or other tools where you can explore data.

Additional compliance center card details.

Easy navigation to more compliance features and capabilities

In addition to links in cards on the home page, you'll see a navigation pane on the left side of the screen that gives you easy access to your alerts, reports, policies, compliance solutions, and more. To add or remove options for a customized navigation pane, use the Customize navigation control on the navigation pane. This opens the Customize your navigation pane settings so you can configure which items appear in the navigation pane.

Navigation Comments
Navigation in the Microsoft Purview compliance portal. Select Home to return to the compliance portal main page.

Visit Compliance Manager to check your compliance score and start managing compliance for your organization.

Select the Data classification section to access trainable classifiers, Sensitive information type entity definitions, content and activity explorers.

Select Data connectors to configure connectors to import and archive data in your Microsoft 365 subscription.

Go to Alerts to view and resolve alerts

Go to Policies to set up policies to govern data, manage devices, and receive alerts. You can also access your DLP and retention policies.

Select Roles & scopes to manage who in your organization has access to the compliance portal to view content and complete tasks with Permissions and Adaptive scopes.

Select Trials to discover more security and compliance capabilities in Microsoft 365 Defender and Microsoft Purview for free. Starting a trial helps you make informed decisions about upgrades and purchases. During the free trials, you'll have access to unlimited licenses. You can end trials at any time.

Use the links in the Solutions section to access your organization's compliance solutions. These include:

Discover, learn about, and start using the intelligent compliance and risk management solutions available to your organization.

Use the Audit log to investigate common support and compliance issues.

Content search
Use Content search to quickly find email in Exchange mailboxes, documents in SharePoint sites and OneDrive locations, and instant messaging conversations in Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business.

Communication compliance
Minimize communication risks by automatically capturing inappropriate messages, investigating possible policy violations, and taking steps to remediate.

Data Loss Prevention
Detect sensitive content as it's used and shared throughout your organization, in the cloud and on devices, and helps prevent accidental data loss.

Expand this section to use the core and eDiscovery (Premium) for preserving, collecting, reviewing, analyzing, and exporting content that's responsive to your organization's internal and external investigations.

Data lifecycle management
Manage the lifecycle of sensitive data by using features to import, store, and classify business-critical data so you can keep what you need and delete what you don't.

Information protection
Discover, classify, and protect sensitive and business-critical data throughout its lifecycle across your organization.

Information barriers
Restrict two-way communication and collaboration between groups and users in Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive.

Insider risk management
Detect risky activity across your organization to help you quickly identify, investigate, and take action on insider risks and threats.

Records management
Manage retention and deletion of high-value items for business, legal, or regulatory record-keeping requirements.

Privacy risk management
Proactively identify and protect against privacy risks such as data hoarding, problematic data transfers, and data oversharing with Microsoft Priva.

Subject rights requests
Help alleviate the complexity and length of time involved in responding to data subject inquires with Microsoft Priva.

How do I access the compliance portal?

To access the compliance portal, go to and sign in with your account. Depending on your permissions and your available Microsoft 365 subscriptions, you'll see different solutions available to you in the navigation pane. For example, if you have permissions and a supported subscription to access a specific compliance solution (such as Data Loss Prevention, Insider Risk Management, etc.), you'll be able to access and view the respective navigation pane entries. If you don't have permissions or a supported subscription, you generally cannot see these entries or will be unable to access features in these entries.


Microsoft Purview permissions may be granted through security group membership. If you use Microsoft Entra Privileged Identity Management (PIM) for just-in-time membership for security groups in Microsoft Purview role groups, it could take up to 2 hours after activation for eligible administrators to have effective permissions applied in Microsoft Purview. For more information about PIM, see What is Microsoft Entra Privileged Identity Management.

Next steps