View opportunity summary

When reading an email or preparing for a meeting with a customer, you want to have relevant information from CRM, such as the customer asks, concerns, and notes, to help you get better context before the meeting.

Sales Copilot uses AI to generate a summary of each opportunity with key information like sales stage, budget, and close date. This helps you interact better with customers and boost sales and customer satisfaction.

If there are notes added to the opportunity, they are also summarized and displayed under the Latest activity section. If you've saved an email summary to the opportunity, it's included in the summarized notes. The notes summary highlights any issues or concerns addressed within notes. It makes it easy to catch up on the latest updates and quickly prepare for meetings with potential buyers.


  • The opportunity summary for an email is displayed only if the email is saved to CRM and connected to an opportunity.
  • If a meeting is not connected to an opportunity, the opportunity summary for the meeting is displayed based on the most relevant opportunity selected by AI. You'll get an option to select another opportunity and regenerate the suggested content.
  • When you when you set up a channel in Microsoft Teams using the deal room template and then open it in Teams for the first time, the opportunity summary is displayed in the standard channel as part of the welcome post.
  • You can view opportunity summary when viewing details of an opportunity in the Sales Copilot pane in Outlook.

Screenshot showing the Opportunity summary with numbered annotations.

Annotation Description
1 Summary about the opportunity.
2 Summarized notes added to the opportunity with citation numbers to show note text used to generate summary. More information: View data source in opportunity summary
3 Copy the opportunity summary to clipboard. You can then paste the content as per your preferences.
4 Change the opportunity used to generate the summary. More information: Change the opportunity used to generate summary
5 Name of the opportunity for which summary is generated.
6 Share feedback or wrong content using the thumbs-up or thumbs-down arrow. More information: Share feedback

View opportunity summary

  1. In Outlook, open an email or the scheduled meeting.

  2. Open the Sales Copilot pane.

    On the Highlights tab, the opportunity summary is displayed in the Opportunity summary card.

View data source in opportunity summary

Summarized notes in the opportunity summary are displayed with citation numbers. Select the citation number to see the following details:

  • Author of the original note

  • Date and time when the note was captured

  • Original content of the note

Screenshot showing the Opportunity summary data source.

Change the opportunity used to generate summary

  1. In the message at the bottom of the summary, select Change.

  2. Under Select opportunity to summary, select the opportunity that you want to summarize.

    Screenshot showing the Select an opportunity to summarize pane.

  3. Select Create a summary.

    A new summary is generated based on the selected opportunity.

Share feedback

If you have any feedback about the opportunity summary, you can share it by selecting the appropriate icon at the bottom of the summary. Your feedback is valuable, and we use it to improve the functionality.


Ensure that you don't enter any personal information while sharing feedback.

  1. At the bottom of the opportunity summary, select or .

    After you select an icon, you'll get a Tell us more link.

  2. Select the link to open the feedback form.

  3. Enter your responses in the feedback form and then select Send.