Percentage format in pasted chart data table and axis will change to Numeric when source workbook is closed


Assume below scenario:

  1. Create test1.xlsx, input some data with % format.
  2. Create a chart based the data, then show data table from Chart Tools->Layout->Data table->Show Data Table.
  3. Create a new workbook, named test2.xlsx.
  4. Copy chart from test1.xlsx to test2.xlsx.

When you close test1.xlsx, in test2.xlsx you will find percentage (%) format in chart data table and axis changes to numeric format.


By default, data table and axis formatting of pasted chart are linked to source workbook. Once the source workbook is closed, the link is lost, and hence percentage (%) format is changed to default numeric format.


For axis, you can avoid this issue by unlinking the axis formatting:

  1. Right-click axis in chart.
  2. Select Format Axis.
  3. Select Number tab.
  4. Uncheck Linked to Source checkbox

For data table, it is always linked to source data so the issue can't be avoided.