Azure benefits

Appropriate roles: Global admin | MPN Partner Admin


The Microsoft Partner Network is now called the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program.

This article describes Azure benefits that are available to Partners on the Azure credits benefits in Partner Center. It also describes how to activate Azure subscriptions.

Screenshot of the new benefits Azure experience.

View your Azure benefits

As a partner in the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program, you have access to many technical and go-to-market benefits. If you're a Global admin or MPN Partner admin, you can explore many of these benefits directly from the Partner Center.

To see your Azure benefits, use the following step:

  • From the Partner Center Benefits menu, select Azure credits.

On the Azure credits page that appears you can view:

  • Azure product subscription benefits that are available to you, whether monthly subscriptions or yearly subscriptions.
  • The membership and program that provisioned a specific benefit product.
  • License quantity assigned for each product.
  • Date before which to activate the benefit.

There are two types of Azure subscriptions you can receive, depending on the active offers available to your membership (for example Microsoft Action Pack, a Solutions Partner designation, a legacy gold or silver): Azure monthly credit and Azure bulk (yearly) credit:

  • Azure monthly credit: This subscription might appear as something like $100/month (or equivalent in local currency).
  • Azure bulk (yearly) credit: This subscription might appear as something like $6,000/year, $12,000/year, or $13,000/year (or the equivalent in local currency).

Activate a Microsoft Azure credits subscription

To activate a Microsoft Azure subscription in Partner Center, use the following steps:

  1. Assign access to a user within the company or to a guest user. The user must already have a user entry in your Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tenant.

Screenshot of user assignments screen.

  1. When you're assured that the user has a user entry in your Azure AD tenant, sign in to Partner Center and select Benefits.

  2. Select Azure.

  3. Select on the Azure credits benefit name link that you wish to activate. Screenshot of Azure benefit name.

  4. In the wizard pane, read the activation walkthrough to learn how to activate Azure credits benefit. Screenshot of activation wizard.

  5. When you're ready to activate the Azure credit benefit, In the Manage User Assignment area, under Assign user(s) assign user the desired Azure credit subscription benefit. Screenshot of user assignment option.

  6. Once the user assignment is successful, the assigned user should activate the benefit on Azure portal.


  • You can only assign access to one Azure benefit (either monthly credits or bulk credits) to a user at any given point in time.
  • For Azure monthly credits, you can remove an existing user assignment and assign a new user in their place. However, you can only do a maximum of 5 user re-assignments for a benefit for the duration of the program membership.

When you assign the Azure bulk (yearly) credit, the Remove option isn't available in Partner Center. Instead, you need to transfer the bulk credit to someone else during your enrollment year. This type of credit subscription also can't be combined with other licensing, prepaid, or credit offers (for example, the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, Cloud Solution Provider, or Azure in Open). Reach out to support to transfer bulk credits.


Review the acceptable use of Microsoft Azure Credit subscriptions found under the Additional Terms section of the Azure Benefit for Partner Center.

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