Microsoft Management Reporter 2012 Cumulative Update 10 (CU10) is available

This article lists issues that are fixed in the English version of Microsoft Management Report 2012 Cumulative Update 10 (CU10) 2.1.10001.112. The update has a prerequisite. Check out the list of problems fixed in this update. For more information about the installation guide, go to the following Microsoft website:

Management Reporter 2012 for Microsoft Dynamics ERP: Installation, Migration, and Configuration Guides

Applies to:   Microsoft Management Reporter 2012, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011
Original KB number:   3000799

More information

A supported update rollup for Microsoft Management Reporter is now available.

If you have questions about how to install this rollup, contact Technical Support for Microsoft Dynamics. On to the Microsoft Dynamics Support website, you can file a new support request.


When you create a support request, select Financial - Management Reporter 2012 as the Support Topi .

You can also contact Technical Support for Microsoft Dynamics by telephone at (888) 477-7877.


Before you install Management Reporter, your system must meet the minimum requirements as listed in the Management Reporter 2012 for Microsoft Dynamics ERP: Installation, Migration, and Configuration Guides.

New features included with CU10:

  • Export TOT formulas from the row to Excel.
  • Ability to select what companies to integrate from Microsoft Dynamics GP and whether to include Analytical Accounting data in the company.
  • Ability to customize header placement when exporting to Excel.
  • Excluding Account Category from generated reports.
  • Data mart integration performance improvements.

Fixes in the cumulative update

The following are some fixes and updates that are included in the English version of Microsoft Management Reporter 2012 CU10.

ID Issues
415065 Management Reporter is incorrectly validating the version of SQL during data mart configuration
793092 Column Justification setting doesn't export to Excel
804830 User is not able to generate a report for just the companies they have access to
906000 "The operation could not be completed due to a problem in the data provider framework" error occurs when opening a report definition if a company does not contain a current year
938671 Using XCR in the column, Rounding Adjustment in the row, and rounding in the report definition results in incorrect rounding adjustment and sign
1066769 Configuration of Dynamics AX 2012 Data Mart Next button may not work when multiple integrations are running on the same Dynamics AX database
1231438 Query improvements for long running reports while the DDM integration is running
1493892 Management Reporter is unable to integrate with AX 2012 CU4 and AX 2012 R2 CU1
1510145 Totaling account updates are not reflected in designer
1551909 Missing Account Analysis timeout in GetUsedDimensions ([dbo].[fnGetUsedDimensionsForCompany])
1564518 Performance improvements to the user integration
1574869 Poor performance of the UpdateBalancesForExchangeRate stored procedure if there are a very large number of currencies and exchange rates
1587161 Duplicate amounts when same dimension is used in row and tree
1602459 CBR calculation shows zero at account level when using rounding in the report definition
1603128 Invalid Period warning with consolidated report for Dynamics GP companies with a short fiscal year
1603137 Confirmed budget encumbrance reporting incorrect amounts
1603192 Add transaction description as an attribute for SL data mart
1618848 AX 2012 GL Adapter SQL timeout on ReadDeletedObjectKeys during Fact integration
1618873 Incorrect syntax near ')' when generating a report using a custom posting layer if no transactions exist for the company
1618874 Report Designer crashes in Dimensions Window when 201+ dimensions lines exist
1620372 Transaction Detail Descriptions showing for NP Column
1623574 Case difference in Dynamics AX AOS server integration configuration causes UNIQUE KEY constraint 'UC_ControlFolderIntegration_Name_SourceID' error on Hierarchies task
1624065 Dynamics AX DM - Base period list does not originate from the Base year shown when Report Definition is opened (first year's periods shown)
1631811 Slow performance of general ledger transactions to fact when querying the count() on BUDGETPLANchanges
1634910 Side by side company report returns no data for non-default company
1636205 More than 32,768 units in a Tree causes "The INSERT statement conflicted with the CHECK constraint "CK_ReportUnit_Index" error message.
1636223 Rounding of Thousands or greater returns incorrect data (decimal place issue) on a CALC column at the Account Detail Level
1636231 NP on DESC column causes error in Web Viewer
1647838 "Dynamics cannot show the selected item" error in Web Viewer when using the Open in Microsoft Dynamics/Drill to Dynamics feature for an encumbrance column with Dynamics AX 2012
1676670 Short Fiscal Year with Calc Column returning "An unknown error has occurred while processing report"
1676671 Dynamics AX DDM Performance issue after a Master Planning run which updates InventTable records
1681960 Adding a specific dimension to row definition with CU9 causes invalid report data
1683020 Fiscal Years task errors on LoadMatchingFiscalYears with "An item with the same key has already been added"
1687237 Integration select queries locking/blocking Dynamics GP transactions
1687286 Calculation/Total in row will be incorrect when it pulls from two other calculations/totals below it and tree is being used
1689169 Invalid data from Dynamics GP causes duplicate key exception in fiscal year provider
1693183 Missing transaction drill down details when using Dimension Filter in column
1693194 Range of account on Row not returning expected data with Management Reporter Data Mart
1693894 Cannot drag and drop report to a different folder in the Report Viewer with CU9
1697236 Moving MR database to different server causes Decrypt error to occur multiple times every minute
1697784 Blank dimension is ignored when included in a range with Management Reporter Data Mart
1699179 Ampersands are removed on export to Excel from report header
1700625 Dynamics GP DDM - update AA_FindYEC_RetainedEarnings data validation script
1702733 Adding DR and CR Print Control to Row Definition using XBRL Taxonomy returns error and crashes
1707325 GP Data Validation runs successfully reporting no errors while data issue exists
1709158 GP Data Validation AA_FindUnmatchedDists(17) flags bad records when no data issues exist
1709176 Exchange rate table that is setup in GP that has rates without an expiration date will not be used to translate balances
1713216 Changes in report performance from RU5 to CU9
1714931 Dynamics GP Bug 69692 causes incorrect data in Management Reporter when reporting on AA budgets
1715493 Users who are not Management Reporter administrators aren't clearly warned by task "You don't have permission to access companies in Management Reporter"
1716469 GP Data Validation - Remove Dynamics GP 9 validation scripts
1716470 GP Data Validation - Add French localization in AA_FindUnmatchedDists scripts
1716510 GP Data Validation - Update AA_FindUnmatchedDists description
26370 DDM must be re-created when a new company is added with Dynamics SL
30776 Period 13 missing data if period 12 and 13 share the same date with Dynamics SL
31870 Integration performance issue with a large number of companies with Dynamics SL
31976 Transaction description attribute missing with Dynamics SL