Vacation paycode not distributing in Canadian Payroll for Microsoft Dynamics GP

This article provides a solution to an issue where the distribution for the Vacation type paycode doesn't work correctly.

Applies to:   Microsoft Dynamics GP
Original KB number:   2501593


General Ledger account masks in Dynamics GP are set up to change a department, and the distribution works correctly for all paycodes except the Vacation type paycode.


The vacation dollars are distributed when the vacation amounts are accrued. They aren't distributed when they're paid out. So, there's no functionality to track this when they're paid out, as you don't want it distributed twice.

On the accrual, only the debit is distributed. The credit books to the Vacation Payable Account that is set in the Payroll Control Accounts-Canada window and isn't distributed. By design, this field only allows one account.