Troubleshooting UI flow Playback

This article describes how to troubleshoot UI flow Playback.

Applies to:   Power Automate
Original KB number:   4555949


Fail to run a UI flow.

Verifying issue

Solving steps

If the scenario isn't mentioned above, you can try if the following steps help to resolve the issue:

Tips and tricks


  • Don't use the keyboard and mouse during playback.
  • Try to adjust your app has the same initial state as the recording time.
  • Use the same keyboard and locale setting as recording time.
  • If you're using coordinate offset fallback
    • Current coordinate-based fallback is conservative and ensures the control is the same as what was recorded, including the size.
    • Use the same resolution and scale setting as recording time.
    • Maximize the app size to minimize disruption.


  • Ensure the same keyboard layouts you're using to record will be the same as for playback.
  • Use shortcuts instead of selecting. For instance, copy paste with ctrl + c & ctrl + v instead of right-click copy.
  • Use enter static text if you're working with strings for better readability.
  • When you insert text into a field already have text inside, you should select ctrl+A and backspace to clear up the field first.
  • Playback uses accessibility by default, it can fallback to coordinate as well if you turn it on.
    • Use a standard resolution, and scale setting that across your recording and playback devices.
    • Maximize the application window that you're recording.
    • Finish the recording in one monitor if possible.