MsiShortcutProperty Table

The MsiShortcutProperty table enables Window Installer to set properties for shortcuts that are also Windows Shell objects. Beginning with Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 the Windows Shell provides an IPropertyStore Interface for shell objects such as shortcuts. A Windows Installer 5.0 package running on Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows 7 can set these properties when the shortcut is installed.

Windows Installer 4.5 or earlier: Not supported. This table is available beginning with Windows Installer 5.0.

The MsiShortcutProperty table has the following columns.

Column Type Key Nullable
MsiShortcutProperty Identifier Y N
Shortcut_ Identifier N N
PropertyKey Formatted N N
PropVariantValue Formatted N N




Unique identifier for this row of the MsiShortcutProperty table.


A key into the Shortcut table that identifies the shortcut having a property set.


A string value that provides information for the PROPERTYKEY structure. The information in this field must refer to the canonical name of a property registered with the Windows property system. For more information about the Windows property system, see the Property System Overview.


A string value that provides information for the PROPVARIANT structure.

Multiple properties can be set on a shortcut. If the same property is set multiple times on the same shortcut the value is set in an unspecified order.

Windows Installer can set shortcut properties only when the shortcut is installed or reinstalled. A patch that does not reinstall a shortcut that has already been installed does not update the shortcut's properties. A patch can update the properties by including a Shortcut table in the patch package and reinstalling the shortcut.


Windows Installer Error Message 1946 is returned as a warning, and the installation continues, if Windows Installer is unable to set a shortcut property specified in the MsiShortcutProperty table.