You can't set your location in Lync from a virtual machine or remote desktop connection


When you try to use the Set Your Location feature in Microsoft Lync 2010 or Microsoft Lync 2013, the Set Your Location field is unavailable (dimmed), and you can't set your location.

Screenshot that shows the Set Your Location field in Microsoft Lync.

More Information

This is expected behavior. This issue occurs when you install or sign in to Lync 2010 or Lync 2013 on a virtual machine or by using a remote desktop connection. When you're logged in to a remote desktop connection or a virtual machine, Lync disables the Set Your Location field because it can't accurately rely on the location information through a virtual host. Lync uses the Location Information Service (LIS) based on a network map to detect your location. Then, Lync automatically publishes your location to the organization. However, when you use a virtual machine, or you connect to a virtual machine by using a remote desktop connection, the LIS can't accurately determine your location. Therefore, the location is unavailable.

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