Customize the Toolbar button and Favorites List icons using IEAK 11


Update: The retired, out-of-support Internet Explorer 11 desktop application is scheduled to be permanently disabled through a Microsoft Edge update on certain versions of Windows 10 on February 14, 2023.

We highly recommend setting up IE mode in Microsoft Edge and disabling IE11 prior to this date to ensure your organization does not experience business disruption.

For more information, see Internet Explorer 11 desktop app retirement FAQ.

Use these customization guidelines to change the browser toolbar button and the Favorites List icons, using your own branding and graphics.

Check your license agreement to make sure this customization is available.

Graphic Type and description
Browser toolbar button 2 icon (.ico) files with color images for active and inactive states.
Favorites List icons 1 icon (.ico) file for each new URL.

Your icons must use the .ico file extension, no other image file extension works.