BOXServiceAccount is added to a role in Microsoft 365 alerts


Microsoft 365 compliance is now called Microsoft Purview and the solutions within the compliance area have been rebranded. For more information about Microsoft Purview, see the blog announcement.


You receive Microsoft 365 security alerts (configured in the Security Compliance Center) that state that the BOXServiceAccount is added to a role.

This is an example of such an alert: is added to DomainName.PROD.OUTLOOK.COM/Microsoft Exchange Hosted Organizations/ name.


This is by design.


After a tenant administrator assigns an Exchange administrator, Skype for Business administrator, or SharePoint administrator role to a user in the Microsoft 365 portal, the Microsoft 365 portal uses a built-in account (BOXServiceAccount) to add the user to the View-Only Organization Management Role Based Access Control (RBAC) group.

To see the actual audit log, you can either use Search similar activities in the Microsoft 365 alert detail activity list view or do a free-text search for "BOXServiceAccount" directly from the Audit log search page.

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