Sales Copilot doesn't connect to Dynamics 365 with two-factor authentication enabled

This article helps you troubleshoot and resolve errors where the Sales Copilot app for Microsoft Teams doesn't connect to Dynamics 365 when two-factor authentication is enabled.

Who is affected?

Client app Sales Copilot Outlook add-in
Platform Web and desktop clients
OS Windows and Mac
Deployment User managed and admin managed
CRM Dynamics 365 and Salesforce
Users All users


The Sales Copilot app is unable to communicate with Dynamics 365, but a user can access Dynamics 365 directly.

Root cause and resolution

Issue 1: Two-factor authentication is enabled in Dynamics 365, but not in Microsoft Teams

Root cause

If the Dynamics 365 organization has two-factor authentication enabled, but Microsoft Teams doesn't, the Sales Copilot app for Teams can't communicate with Dynamics 365. This is intended to prevent security incidents. When Dynamics 365 has two-factor authentication enabled, any communication from users that logged into an app without two-factor authentication is considered as untrusted.


To solve this problem, you must perform one of the following actions:

  • Enable two-factor authentication in Dynamics 365 and [Teams](/microsoft-365/admin/security-and-compliance/set-up-multi-factor-authentication?view=o365-worldwide&preserve-view=true to the URL). This is the preferred action.

  • Disable two-factor authentication in Dynamics 365 and Teams.

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