View your incentives program details

Appropriate roles: Incentives admin | Incentives user | Global admin | MPN Partner Admin

This article explains the incentives overview page in Partner Center, which shows the overall status of your incentive programs and the status of each program at each location. It also gives the various enrollment statuses.


For more information about incentives and incentive features in Partner Center, see Partner Investments and Incentives (sign-in required).

Access the incentives overview page

To see your incentives:

  1. Sign in to Partner Center and select Incentives.

  2. View the earnings and payments summary at the top of the page and further details in the table below. You can also sort, group, and expand the accompanying table.

    • To sort by column, select the column name.
    • To group by program, select the By program tab above the table.
    • To group by location, select the By location tab above the table.
    • To view more detail about enrollments within a group, select the chevron symbol at the end of a row.
  3. If further action is required to enroll in a program, that information appears in the Status column. Select the chevron symbol to learn about next steps to take.

Enrollment status

The following table explains the various enrollment states in the Status column.

Status Appears when
Action required The partner has accepted an invitation to enroll in an incentive program but might need to update bank or tax information. See the Actions required column for any next steps or links to update your bank or tax information in Partner Center.
Discontinued The incentive program is no longer offered in the incentives system.
Enrolled All tax and bank information has been validated. No further enrollment action is required.
Enrolling The user isn't an Incentive administrator, and the enrollment is in the Action required or Validating enrollment states.
Inactive / Ineligible The incentive program might not be open to enrollment at this time, or the partner doesn't meet current eligibility for enrollment or re-enrollment.

If the status is Ineligible, then the partner doesn't meet the eligibility requirements for the program. Selecting the See eligibility requirements link beneath the enrollment status shows the requirements for eligibility and which of these requirements have been met.

You might also see an Inactive status for Partner Global Account (PGA) enrollments that are no longer active in the incentive program.
Invited A new incentive program enrollment invitation has been sent to the partner but the partner hasn't yet started the enrollment process. The adjacent Actions required column shows next steps and any related links.
Validating enrollment The partner has completed or updated bank and tax information for a new or existing enrollment and is waiting for Microsoft to validate the information. During the validation process, Validating enrollment might appear for up to 48 hours.

See your payment information

Select the Payouts workspace on the Partner Center to access these summaries:

  • Transaction history
  • Payments
  • Revenue summary
  • Export data

Screenshot of the Payments page in Partner Center, which illustrates the Payout icon in the upper right corner of Partner Center.

  • Details of your payments are available on the Payments page.

  • You can obtain the total incentive earnings earned and payments received in the Transaction history page and download.

  • You can use the Revenue summary to understand how revenue generated by customer consumption/usage or transactions contributes to your earnings, and why some revenue may be determined ineligible for earnings.

  • You can also use the Partner Payouts API to connect and obtain payout transaction and payment data directly. To learn more, see Transaction history.

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