Order that Canadian Payroll is updated during Update Masters for Microsoft Dynamics GP

This article lists the order that Canadian Payroll tables are updated during the Update Masters process to assist with batch posting issues.

Applies to:   Microsoft Dynamics GP
Original KB number:   2462948


If the payroll batch in Canadian Payroll becomes stuck or there is a posting interruption during the Update Masters process, restore to a backup immediately and rerun the payrun. However, if that is not possible, then review the tables in Canadian Payroll that are updated during the posting process.


Posting interruption.


If the Update Masters process has started, you will not be able to set the batch back to available status. Instead, you will need to review the following tables to remove any data that posted from this batch. Then recreate the batch and start the payrun process over.

The following is the order that Canadian Payroll is updated:

Batch MSTR - CPY30260
Calc MSTR - CPY30250
Post MSTR - CPY30230
Post Detail MSTR - CPY30231
Cheque MSTR - CPY30210
Distribution MSTR - CPY30235
Pay code Distribution MSTR - CPY30236
Batch Setup (flags) - CPY30010
EE Banked OT - CPY10110
EE Banked Sick - CPY10130
EE Banked Stat - CPY10120
EE Banked Leave - CPY10115
Delayed Deductions - CPY10135
EE Pay code YTD -CPY10160
Pay code Base Amounts - CPY30263
Employee Master - CPY10100
EE Miscellaneous - CPY10101
Control - CPY20100
CSB Setup - - CPY20110
Checkbook MSTR/Transaction - - CM00100/CM20200
Clear WS TRX Entry - CPY30101
Clear PA TRX Entry - CPY30102
Clear Manual Cheque: WORK - CPY30105
Detail - CPY30106
Clear Batch Entry - P_Batch_Entry - CPY30100

The last four items above get updated during update masters. However, unlike the others, records are removed from them, rather than being added or updated.

The following tables are also updated:

CDN Payroll Employee T4 File - CPY10103
CDN Payroll Employee T4A File - CPY10104
CDN Payroll Employee R1 - CPY40105


The above table list may not be complete.

The supported method is to restore to your backup immediately if there is a posting interruption during the update masters process. If that is not possible, then you are on your own to review the tables above to remove any data from the interrupted batch. Then recreate the batch and start the payrun process over. Cleaning up these tables for you falls under Microsoft's consulting guidelines for data-fixing and is not covered by your regular support plan.