MSI: Configuration Manager Client is not installed

This article helps you fix an issue in which you receive error code 1603 when installing the Configuration Manager client.

Original product version:   Configuration Manager
Original KB number:   2467702


Attempts to install the Configuration Manager client may fail with the following error messages in the ccmsetup.log:

MSI: Configuration Manager Client is not installed. ccmsetup 12-11-2010 16:26:12 3264 (0x0CC0)
Installation failed with error code 1603 ccmsetup 12-11-2010 16:26:12 3264 (0x0CC0)

If you check the client.msi.log, you may notice the following lines:

MSI (s) (54:74) [16:26:11:416]: Checking in-progress install: install for same configuration.
MSI (s) (54:74) [16:26:11:416]: Suspended install detected. Resuming.


This can occur if a previously failed installation of the Configuration Manager client left behind an IPI installer file (.ipi) in the %systemroot%\installer directory on the target computer.


Search for *.ipi files in the %systemroot%\installer directory on the target computer and temporarily move them to a different folder. Next run the setup of the client installation again and it should complete successfully.