Internal Error 2711.LP3076 occurs during installation of the Configuration Manager console

This article provides a solution to solve the Internal Error 2711.LP3076 error that occurs when you install the Configuration Manager console.

Original product version:   Configuration Manager (current branch)
Original KB number:   3211086


After an upgrade to Configuration Manager current branch version 1610 or a later version, installation of the Configuration Manager console fails with this error message:

Internal Error 2711.LP3076


This problem may occur if the console is installed from either of the following locations:

  • \\<Sitemachine>\sms_SiteCode\cd.latest\splash.hta
  • \\<Sitemachine>\sms_SiteCode\cd.latest\SMSSETUP\BIN\I386.consolesetup.exe


To work around this problem, install the Configuration Manager console from one of the following locations instead:

  • <SCCMInstallation>\tools\ConsoleSetup\ConsoleSetup.exe
  • <SCCMInstallation>\bin\i386\ConsoleSetup.exe

For more information, see Install the Configuration Manager console.