Coordinated Malware Eradication


Coordinated Malware Eradication (CME) aims to bring organizations in cybersecurity and in other industries together to change the game against malware. While the cybersecurity industry today is effective at disrupting malware families through individual efforts, those disruptions rarely lead to eradication since malware authors quickly adapt their tactics to survive.

CME calls for organizations to pool their tools, information, and actions to drive coordinated campaigns against malware. The goal is to drive efficient and long-lasting results to better protect our communities, customers, and businesses.

Combining our tools, information, and actions

Diversity of participation across industries and disciplines, extending beyond cybersecurity, makes eradication campaigns even stronger across the malware lifecycle. Security vendors, computer emergency response/readiness teams (CERTs), and Internet service providers (ISPs) can contribute with malware telemetry. Online businesses can identify fraudulent behavior and law enforcement agencies can drive legal action.

Microsoft is planning to contribute telemetry and analysis data to these campaigns. It will also provide cloud-based scalable storage and computing horsepower with the necessary big data analysis tools built-in.

Coordinated campaigns for lasting results

Organizations participating in the CME effort work together to help eradicate selected malware families by contributing their own telemetry data, expertise, tools, and other resources. These organizations operate under a campaign umbrella with clearly defined end goals and metrics. Any organization or member can start a campaign and invite others to join it. The members can then accept or decline the invitations they receive.

Join the effort

Any organization that is involved in cybersecurity and antimalware or interested in fighting cybercrime can participate in CME campaigns by enrolling in the Virus Information Alliance (VIA) program. Everyone agrees to use the available information and tools for their intended purpose (that is, the eradication of malware).

If your organization meets these criteria and is interested in joining, apply for membership now. For any questions, contact us for more information.