Assessments overview (migrate to SAP Systems) (preview)

This article provides an overview of discovery and assessments for on-premises inventory and SAP workloads using import-based assessment.

To assess SAP inventory and workloads, create a project and add the SAP estate details, such as SAP System ID (SID) details, SAP Application Performance Standard (SAPS) numbers for your servers, and server inventory details in the template file. This capability discovers your on-premises inventory and SAP workloads and displays them in a dashboard. Learn more.

Based on the discovered SAP workloads, this capability generates an assessment report that includes sizing recommendations and cost estimates for migration to Azure. The report adheres to the correct reference architecture for SAP on Azure and recommends the most suitable VM types and disk types for your SAP systems. Learn more.

Key benefits

  • A faster and easier way to discover and assess your SAP estates for migration to Azure.
  • A comprehensive and integrated solution for both SAP and non-SAP workloads and provides a unified view of your migration readiness.
  • A reliable and accurate assessment that follows the best practices and guidelines for SAP on Azure.

Next steps