Warnings and Error Messages in Dynamics 365 Business Central

During your work day, you might see notifications in Business Central that something went wrong, or that it was not possible to post something, for example. In many cases, the notification makes it easy to resolve the matter, or to roll back any changes that you made. In other cases, you might not have have the information that you need to get unblocked. This article provides tips on how to make progress.

In-product user assistance

The default version of Business Central includes descriptions for most fields, columns, and actions that can be accessed when you choose the name. In combination with teaching tips for important pages, descriptive captions, and instructional text, these tooltips, or callouts, are our current implementation of embedded user assistance, which is an important principle in today's world of software design.

If you have a question about a field or another element of the user interface, choose the name, and a short description will appear. Choose the Learn more link if that is not enough. You can also use the in-product Help pane to find answers to your questions.

For more information, see Dynamics 365 Business Central User Assistance Model in the administration content for Business Central.

Help and Support page

In Business Central, the Help menu item (the question mark in the top right corner) gives you access to the Help and Support page, where you can find links to resources that can help you find answers to your questions. For more information, see Resources for Help and Support.

Help others

If you are an administrator or superuser, you can help others by looking up error messages in the Error Message Register page or in the administration centre. In many cases, the warning or error message is about setup or lack of permission and similar issues that the superuser or administrator can easily help with. In other cases, you might have to inspect pages to identify the cause. For more information, see Finding technical information in the administration content for Business Central.

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