Viewing Service Statistics

You can use statistics to analyse service documents and determine how well you are managing your service processes. You can analyse service contracts, items, quotes, orders, invoices, and CR/Adj notes by choosing the Statistics action. For service items and contracts, you can also use the Service Item Trendscape or Contract Trendscape to view a summary of service ledger entries for a specific service item.

Viewing Statistics for Service Orders

The service order statistics feature gives you a quick overview of the contents of the entire service order, the details on the specific service lines, and information related to invoicing, shipping and consuming, and the customer's balance.

The statistical data is displayed for a service order on the Service Order Statistics page for the relevant order. You can open the relevant statistics page from a service order. On the Service Orders page, choose Statistics. The FastTabs in this page show information such as quantity, amount, GST, cost, profit, and customer credit limit. The amounts on the page are in the currency of the service order, unless otherwise indicated.

View totals for a service order

You can view the total amount on the service lines, including and excluding GST, GST part, cost, and profit on the service lines. The page also displays item-specific information, such as weight, volume, and the quantity of parcels.

View shipping information

You can see information about the items, resources, or costs to be shipped. To provide the information, the values specified in the Qty. to Ship field are used on each service line in the order.

View order details

You can view information about the items, resource hours, and costs to be invoiced and consumed. The following table describes this information.

Column Description
Invoicing Displays amounts that are to be posted as invoiced from the service order.
Consuming Displays the quantity and cost of items, or resources that will be posted as consumed.
Total Displays the total amounts on the service order that result from adding the invoicing amounts to the consuming amounts.

Analyse service order lines

You can analyse the information by the types of service lines included in the service order. The amounts are shown separately for:

  • Items
  • Resources
  • Costs and general ledger accounts

View customer information

See the balance on the customer's account, in addition to the maximum credit that can be endued to the customer who you created the service document for.

Viewing Service Item Statistics

On the Service Item Statistics page, you can see up-to-date information about a service item based the following service ledger entry types:

  • Resources
  • Items
  • Service cost
  • Service contracts
  • Total

For each entry type, you can see the invoiced amount, usage (amount), cost amount, quantity, quantity invoiced and quantity consumed, profit amount and profit percentage. The profit percentage is calculated according to the following formula:

  • (Invoiced Amount - Usage (Cost)) x 100 / Invoiced Amount

Use Trendscapes

For service items and service contracts, the Service Item Trendscape or Service Contract Trendscape pages provides a scrollable summary of service ledger entries in a period of time for a specific service item or contract. To view the trendscape, open the service item or service contract, choose the Statistics action, and then choose Trendscape.

When you scroll the list, the amounts are calculated in the local currency according to the specified time interval. All amounts are calculated from service ledger entries, which are entries that are created when you post service orders or service invoices.

You can filter the list by specifing the service items to include.


If you have set the time interval to Day and you want to scroll over a long period, you can do it faster by shifting to a larger interval such as Quarter. When you have found the desired period, you can shift back to the original interval to see the data in more detail.

Viewing Gains and Losses on Contracts

A contract gain or loss entry is generated when a contract quote is converted to a service contract, when contract lines are added or removed from a service contract, or when a contract is cancelled. You can view contract gains or losses on the following pages.

Page Description
Contract Gain/Loss (Contracts) To view the contract gain/loss by service contract.
Contract Gain/Loss (Groups) To view the contract gain/loss by service contract group.
Contract Gain/Loss (Customers) To view the contract gain/loss by customer.
Contract Gain/Loss (Reasons) To view the contract gain/loss by reason code.
Contract Gain/Loss (Resp.Ctr) To view the contract gain/loss by responsibility centre.
  1. Choose the Lightbulb that opens the Tell Me feature. icon, enter the name of the page to display, and then choose the related link.
  2. Fill in the filter criteria you want to apply. For example, on the Contract Gain/Loss (Reasons) page, choose a value for Reason Code Filter.
  3. Choose the Show Matrix action.

Viewing Statistics for Posted Service Documents

The service statistics feature lets you gain a statistical overview of the contents of posted service documents, such as a posted shipment, posted invoice, and posted CR/Adj Note.

The statistical information is displayed in the statistics page for the corresponding posted service document. You can open the relevant statistics page from posted service shipment, posted service invoice, or posted service CR/Adj Note documents. For each of these document types, choose the Statistics action. For example, from the Posted Service Invoices page, choose the Statistics action.

Posted Service Shipment Statistics

The Service Shipment Statistics page provides an overview of a posted service shipment. This includes information about the physical contents of the shipment, such as quantity of the shipped items, resource hours or costs, and weight and volume of the shipped items.

Posted Service Invoice Statistics

You can see a statistical summary on a posted service invoice on the Service Invoice Statistics page. You can view the totals of the posted service invoice. The data includes total amount on the service lines (including and excluding GST) that has been posted as invoiced, GST part, cost, and profit on the posted invoice. The page also displays information about the following:

  • The items on the service invoice lines, such as weight, volume, and the quantity of parcels.
  • The balance on the customer's account, and the maximum credit that you can extend the customer.

Posted Service CR/Adj Note Statistics

You can use the Service CR/Adj Note Statistics page to get a statistical overview of the lines in a posted service CR/Adj Note. The overview can include:

  • The total amounts on the posted CR/Adj note, displayed as quantity, amount, GST, cost and profit. There is also information about the items on the service lines of the posted CR/Adj note, such as quantity, weight, and volume.
  • General information about the customer, such as the customer's credit limit and balance on the account.

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