Why a Page is Locked from Personalisation

There are two conditions that prevent you from personalising a page. Either the page is locked (as indicated by the Personalise Lock.) icon or it's blocked (as indicated by the Personalisation blocked. icon).

Locked from Personalising

If there's a Personalise Lock. icon in the Personalising banner when you open a page, you're currently prevented from making any more personalisation changes to the page.

There can be two reasons:

  1. You've personalised the page before, but it was done using an earlier version of the product. We changed the way personalisation works behind the scenes since the last time that you personalised the page. Unfortunately, the old way and new way of doing things don't work together.

  2. Until now, you've only used the bow deprecated Dynamics NAV Client connected to Business Central to personalise the page.

Unlocking the Page

If you want to unlock a page and continue personalising it, choose the Personalise Lock icon, and then choose the Unlock action.


The current personalisation of the page will be cleared. The page will go back to its original layout, and you'll have to start from scratch.

Blocked from Personalising

If there's a Personalisation blocked icon in the Personalising banner, you're blocked from doing any personalisation to the page.

The reason is that the Role Centre or role that is currently associated with your user account modifies this page specifically for your role. Contact your administrator for assistance. Alternatively, try switching to a Role Centre that does include role-tailoring for this page. For more information, see Change Basic Settings.

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