Find Your Warehouse Assignments

To find your warehouse assignments, open the card page for a selected item. If warehouse instructions have been created, Take and Place lines are visible, and you can begin working on an assignment. In some warehouses, the manager may have assigned specific instructions to each employee. For more information, see Set Up Warehouse Employees.

To find an instruction assigned to you

  1. Choose the Lightbulb that opens the Tell Me feature. icon, enter Warehouse Put-aways, Warehouse Picks, or Warehouse Movement, and then choose the related link.

    All three pages show assignments for all warehouse locations.

  2. Sort the items by location. You can now see the instructions that have been assigned to you.

  3. Select one of the lines with your initials in the Assigned User ID field and then choose the OK button. The put-away assignment then appears on the page, with your initials in the Assigned User ID field on the General FastTab.

You can use the Assigned User ID field on the header to claim work assignments, if the warehouse manager does not assign particular instructions to individuals. Simply enter your user ID in the header of the warehouse before you begin work on an instruction. Your co-workers can then choose to work on other instructions, and the warehouse will avoid a duplication of effort.

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