Machine Learning Experiences in Azure Synapse

Machine learning is an important piece of any Analytics solution. The integration between Synapse and Azure ML promotes a seamless collaboration between data professionals in Synapse and ML professionals in Azure ML. In Synapse Studio, users of all skill levels can leverage ML models built in Azure Machine Learning across their organizations to analyze and enrich data. ​Synapse users can also leverage code free and code experiences to seamlessly train ML models using in Synapse notebooks thanks to automated machine learning powered by Azure Machine Learning. ​The integration between Synapse and Azure ML is making data enrichment through machine learning more accessible to Synapse users, which allows for greater analytics insights. 

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  • [00:46] – What is Azure Synapse?
  • [07:08] – Overview of new ML experiences
  • [11:30] – Demo: Leverage Azure Cognitive Services in Azure Synapse
  • [15:21] – Demo: Train a model with AutoML in Azure Synapse
  • [18:06] – Demo: Model scoring in Azure Synapse dedicated SQL Pool

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