Describe Azure Service Health


Microsoft Azure provides a global cloud solution to help you manage your infrastructure needs, reach your customers, innovate, and adapt rapidly. Knowing the status of the global Azure infrastructure and your individual resources could seem like a daunting task. Azure Service Health helps you keep track of Azure resource, both your specifically deployed resources and the overall status of Azure. Azure service health does this by combining three different Azure services:

  • Azure Status is a broad picture of the status of Azure globally. Azure status informs you of service outages in Azure on the Azure Status page. The page is a global view of the health of all Azure services across all Azure regions. It’s a good reference for incidents with widespread impact.
  • Service Health provides a narrower view of Azure services and regions. It focuses on the Azure services and regions you're using. This is the best place to look for service impacting communications about outages, planned maintenance activities, and other health advisories because the authenticated Service Health experience knows which services and resources you currently use. You can even set up Service Health alerts to notify you when service issues, planned maintenance, or other changes may affect the Azure services and regions you use.
  • Resource Health is a tailored view of your actual Azure resources. It provides information about the health of your individual cloud resources, such as a specific virtual machine instance. Using Azure Monitor, you can also configure alerts to notify you of availability changes to your cloud resources.

By using Azure status, Service health, and Resource health, Azure Service Health gives you a complete view of your Azure environment-all the way from the global status of Azure services and regions down to specific resources. Additionally, historical alerts are stored and accessible for later review. Something you initially thought was a simple anomaly that turned into a trend, can readily be reviewed and investigated thanks to the historical alerts.

Finally, in the event that a workload you’re running is impacted by an event, Azure Service Health provides links to support.