How to add tracking number to the SOP order and invoice forms in Microsoft Dynamics GP

This article introduces how to add the Tracking numbers to our Sales Order Processing Orders and Invoice forms in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

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Applies to:   Microsoft Dynamics GP
Original KB number:   4100256

Below are steps on how to create a calculated field in Report Writer using a function to pull the information on a form.


Steps below are how to add the tracking number to the SOP Blank invoice form, but the same concept applies to other forms. You will be using the rw_CreateSOPTrackingNumberString function to pull the information.

  1. Open Report Writer by selecting Microsoft Dynamics GP > Tools > Customize > Report Writer. Select Microsoft Dynamics GP for Product and select OK.

  2. Select Reports.

  3. On the Original Report Side, select the SOP Blank Invoice form (or the report want to modify) and select Insert (Some examples to modify are: SOP Blank Invoice form, SOP Blank Order Form, SOP Blank History Invoice form, SOP Long Order Form, and so on).

  4. Select the SOP Blank Invoice form on the Modified Reports Side and select Open.

  5. In the Report Definition Window, select Layout.

  6. Create a calculated field to pull the Tracking number as follows:

    1. In the Toolbox, select Calculated Fields from the drop-down list, and then select New.

    2. In the Calculated Field Definition window, type Tracking Number as the name.

    3. For the Result type, select String from the drop-down list.

    4. Select Calculated as the Expression Type.

    5. Select the Calculated Expression section.

    6. Select the Functions tab.

    7. Select user Defined.

    8. Select the drop-down list for Core and select Sales.

    9. Select the drop-down list for Function and select rw_CreateSOPTrackingNumberString. Select Add.

    10. Select the Fields tab.

    11. Select the drop-down list for Resources and select Sales Transaction Work.

    12. Select the drop-down list for Fields and select SOP Number. Select Add.

    13. Select the drop-down list for Fields and select SOP Type. Select Add.

      The Calculated Expression should read:

      FUNCTION_SCRIPT(rw_CreateSOPTrackingNumberStringSOP_HDR_WORK.SOP NumberSOP_HDR_WORK.SOP Type)

    14. Select OK.

  7. Add the field new Tracking Calculated field to the RF section of the Invoice or Order you are modifying. It will print in alphabetical order with a comma between multiple tracking numbers.


    There is a character limit of 80 when adding the Tracking Number to Invoices or Orders.

  8. Go back to Microsoft Dynamics GP by selecting File > Microsoft Dynamics GP. Select Save to any message you receive.

  9. Give access to your modified report by going to Administration > Setup > System > Alternate/Modified Forms and Reports.

    1. Select your ID.
    2. Select the drop-down list for Series and select Sales.
    3. Select the drop-down list for Type and select Reports.
    4. Select the Sales + sign in the Alternate/Modified Forms and Reports List section.
    5. Select the SOP Blank Invoice form + sign.
    6. Select the option for Microsoft Dynamics GP (Modified).
    7. Select Save and close the window.

Hope this article is useful for getting the Tracking numbers onto your forms. If you have any issues or other modifications causing conflicts and need assistance, create a case for troubleshooting.