CSST Setup for Canadian Payroll in Microsoft Dynamics GP

This article contains steps to set up CSST in Canadian Payroll.

Applies to:   Microsoft Dynamics GP
Original KB number:   4101476


Improper setup can lead to errors on the poster file stating that it doesn't balance or an account is missing.


It's often caused by the Debit Account not being set up for CSSTDR.


  1. Setup your CSST Deduction and make sure that you select Gross Pay for the Calculate Rate on, and select CSST Premiums for the Further Identification.

    Screenshot of Payroll Deduction Paycode Setup window with the Further Identification selected.

  2. Enter the Deduction Percentage that you need to have calculate under the Amounts button.

    Screenshot of the Payroll Deduction Other Amounts window.

  3. Setup a CSSTDR code. It doesn't need to have the Further Identification selected. It's used to read to the account for the debit portion of your CSST code.

    Screenshot of CSST Deduction Paycode Setup window with no Further Identification selected.

    Here's an example of the Debit and Credit on the Poster File based on the setups above.

    Screenshot of an example of the Debit and Credit.

    The Employer CSST Amount will be updated after the payrun is posted and will appear on the Employee R1 button on the Employee Card.

    Screenshot shows Employer CSST Amount is updated.