The following information is about Microsoft Stream (Classic) which is being retired and replaced by Stream (on SharePoint). We strongly recommended to start using the newer video solution today by uploading your videos to SharePoint, Teams, or OneDrive. Videos stored in Microsoft 365 the way you'd store any other file is the basis for Microsoft Stream (on SharePoint). Learn more...

Create channels in Microsoft Stream (Classic)

Microsoft Stream (Classic) contributors can create channels to categorize and organize videos. For more infomation how channels work, see Overview of groups and channels.

  • Companywide channels must have a unique name across your organization.

  • Group channels must have a unique name within a group.

  • A description and channel image should be added to make it easier for people to find and recognize your channel.

  • Custom channel images should be a square. If the image has another shape, it will be cropped to a square automatically.

  1. In the Stream (Classic) navigation bar, go to Create > Create a channel.

    Create Channel.

  2. In the Create Channel page, give a unique name and description for your channel. Channel names are limited to 30 characters. Channel descriptions are limited to 2,000 characters.

    Create Channel page.

  3. In the Channel access field select if you want your channel to be a companywide channel or a group channel. If you select group channel enter the group you want the channel to be contained in.

    Group channel setting screenshot.


    You can't change the channel type after the channel is created.

  4. Add a Custom channel image to make your channel look unique.

  5. Press Create.

Get back to your channels

After the channel is created, you can get back to your channels under My content > My channels.

View Channels.

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