When designing your app, utilize Shapes and Icon controls when possible to enhance the user experience of your app. There are certain shapes and icons that are universally recognized that you will find in many of the apps that you use daily. For example, instead of adding a Button control to your app and setting the OnSelect property to Back(), you could as easily use the Back icon control and set its OnSelect property to Back().

Remember, icons are controls, and each control has a specific set of properties that can be modified to change how the control looks and functions. To view all of available icon controls, select Insert and then select the Icons drop-down menu.

Screenshot of the Icons Controls drop-down menu.

These controls include arrows, geometric shapes, actions, and symbols. By incorporating shapes and icons, you can save some space and reduce clutter in your app, especially when working with a Phone form factor app. The Phone form factor app has a much smaller area for designing and adding controls so replacing some of the buttons with shapes and icons could really benefit the overall spacing of your app.