Implement a Lakehouse with Microsoft Fabric

Data Analyst
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Data Scientist
Microsoft Fabric

This learning path introduces the foundational components of implementing a data lakehouse with Microsoft Fabric.


You should be familiar with basic data concepts and terminology.

Modules in this learning path

Discover how Microsoft Fabric can meet your enterprise's analytics needs in one platform. Learn about Microsoft Fabric, how it works, and identify how you can use it for your analytics needs.

Lakehouses merge data lake storage flexibility with data warehouse analytics. Microsoft Fabric offers a lakehouse solution for comprehensive analytics on a single SaaS platform.

Apache Spark is a core technology for large-scale data analytics. Microsoft Fabric provides support for Spark clusters, enabling you to analyze and process data in a Lakehouse at scale.

Tables in a Microsoft Fabric lakehouse are based on the Delta Lake storage format commonly used in Apache Spark. By using the enhanced capabilities of delta tables, you can create advanced analytics solutions.

Data ingestion is crucial in analytics. Microsoft Fabric's Data Factory offers Dataflows for visually creating multi-step data ingestion and transformation using Power Query Online.

Microsoft Fabric includes Data Factory capabilities, including the ability to create pipelines that orchestrate data ingestion and transformation tasks.

Explore the potential of the medallion architecture design in Microsoft Fabric. Organize and transform your data across Bronze, Silver, and Gold layers of a lakehouse for optimized analytics.