Introduction to Microsoft Viva Goals

Microsoft Viva Goals is a goal alignment solution that uses the objectives and key results (OKR) framework to connect teams to your organization’s strategic priorities, unite them around your mission and purpose, and drive business results.

Because Viva Goals is part of Microsoft Viva, it integrates into the employee experience, empowering teams to be their best from anywhere.

To log in to Viva Goals, visit

Work with OKRs in Viva Goals

These resources teach the basics of using OKRs in Viva Goals.

Thing you want to do Useful resource
Create an OKR Create OKRs
Check in an OKR Check in OKRs
Track progress on an OKR Track progress on OKRs
Score and close an OKR Close and score OKRs

Setup and administration

These resources can help organization administrators set up and configure Viva Goals in Microsoft 365 environments.

Thing you want to learn about Useful resource
Roles and permissions Roles and permissions
Creating and editing teams Create and edit teams
Adding users Invite and remove users
Managing OKR time periods Manage OKR time periods
OKR configurations Configure your OKR model

Other product features in Viva Goals

These resources contain information on features of Viva Goals beyond the basics of OKRs and administrator tools.

Thing you want to do Useful resource
Use review dashboards Review dashboard
Use initiatives Initiatives
Integrate other tools Viva Goals integrations overview

The OKR framework

These resources can help you learn more about the OKR framework that Viva Goals is based on.

Thing you want to learn about Useful resource
OKRs Get to know OKRs
Defining your team Define your team
Rollout plans Determine your rollout plan