Create your first teams in Microsoft Teams

The best way to drive adoption of Teams is to use the product. We recommend that you manage your Microsoft 365 or Office 365 deployment with Teams. You should also create a community of employees who are focused on teamwork and productivity. (These initial teams may change over time.) Some suggested teams are:

Team name Proposed channel names
Get to know Teams General
Say hi
How do I?
Ideas for future teams
Microsoft Teams Implementation General
Awareness and Adoption
Business Engagement
Early Adopter Program
Feedback and Insights
Security and Compliance
Strategy and Planning
Service Health and Incidents
Watercooler Chat
Teamwork Champions General
Best Practices, Training, and How To
Champion Corner
Feedback and Support
Program Leads
Social Hub

Within Microsoft Teams, the tab gallery gives you access to all Microsoft 365 or Office 365 and third-party apps that have been turned on by the administrator. To get the most value from your product, we suggest pinning key resources as tabs in each of the appropriate channels. See the example below.

Screen shot showing default and custom tabs.

In your initial teams, we suggest pinning the following items for easy reference in your team channels. These assets are in addition to your OneNote notebook sections. If you're working with our FastTrack team, they will assist you in configuring these first teams.

Team/Channel Name Pinned Tab
Microsoft Teams Deployment
General Web tab: Teams documentation
Awareness and adoption Teams Adoption Hub
Microsoft Teams Customer Success Kit
Business engagement Wiki – Engagement guidance
Form – Request for Teams consultation
List – Engagement requests
Early adopters Pinned feedback community
OneNote for FAQ and common themes
Feedback and reporting Pinned Microsoft 365 or Office 365 usage report (for Microsoft 365 or Office 365 admins only)
Security and compliance Microsoft Trust Portal
Security and compliance documentation
Strategy and planning Collaboration North Star PowerPoint
Service Adoption Project Plan
Training Custom learning training portal
Teams online training
Teamwork Champions
General Use for program announcements
Pin champion program overview
Best practices Best practices for teams, channels, and chats PowerPoint
Team lifecycle
Champion Corner Meeting notes and presentations
Social Hub RSS connector: Teams blog and driving adoption blog
Training and How To Your training portal link

Making the switch to Microsoft Teams

As you begin to use Teams, it will be important for you and the rest of the project team to commit to using Teams chat, channels, and resources to run your project. Your own usage of Teams is critical to the quality of your adoption project. We recommend that you resist fragmenting your project by continuing to have conversations with the core project team in email. By switching to Teams you will model the behavior you ultimately want your employees to embrace. Set the tone, go first, and begin to enjoy having your project information in one place!

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