LEAPIN Digital Keys launches new line of smartlocks for Airbnb’s and new online store

LEAPIN Digital Keys, an Australian born start-up with offices in UK and USA, today announced the official launch of its new line of digital keys smartlocks and online store, with a focus on Airbnb’s. The smartlocks enable Airbnb hosts to securely and easily manage access to their properties anytime, anywhere. Hosts can use software and smartphone apps to easily generate time-sensitive digital keys, and email/SMS them to Airbnb guests taking the pain out of the key handover. The digital keys can be in the form of time-sensitive PIN codes, keycards/keyfobs/tags, or buttons on smartphone apps. At check-out time the digital keys expire.

“The problem with using metal keys to manage Airbnb properties is not just the complicated arrangements to handover the keys”, said Steve Dunn, Founder and CEO of LEAPIN Digital Keys, “the biggest problem is future unauthorised access to a property by guests cutting copies of metal keys, losing metal keys, or not returning them. This is why we are seeing more stories of Airbnb robberies these days - you never know how many copies of your house metal keys are floating around out there”.

LEAPIN’s range of smart locks, available now for sale on its online store, are the result of 5 years of Research and Development. LEAPIN, born out of a South Australian University entrepreneur competition in 2011, has received R&D funding from the Australia Government, Gold Coast City Council, and from participating in accelerator programs in South Australia in the USA. More recently LEAPIN Digital Keys won funding from the European Union through their SME Horizon2020 grant program after setting up their offices in London.

“We’ve bootstrapped our R&D, so its been a long road, but we’re excited that our European lock manufacturer partners who added our technology to their existing keycard locks, have finally started selling our product to hotels across Europe. In the first month since the product has been available 1200 units have already sold. Now we’re excited to bring our digital key smartlocks to Airbnb hosts all over the world through our online store locksbnb.com”, said Steve Dunn CEO/Cofounder.

LEAPIN Digital Keys makes it easy to manage multiple Airbnb rental properties, and homes and hotels, allowing owners complete control over who receives a digital key, and for how long. Keys can be shared from anywhere via email/SMS – across continents and time zones – making life easier for hosts and guests alike, and more secure and profitable (with never having to ever replace a lock again).


About the organization: LEAPIN Digital Keys provides consumers with a complete line of digital keys smartlocks. Leveraging a secure and proven technology, called Time-sensitive One Time Password(TOTP) Technology, originally developed by banks for credit cards around 10 years ago,  LEAPIN works with lock manufacturers all over the world, from Europe to Korea, to Australia to “make their locks smart”. LEAPIN is co-funded by the European Union (Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Programme) www.digitalkeys.co

For inquiries please contact: Steve Dunn, CEO and Co-Founder, +61414 366 292 or (+44) 3308 280 956 steve@digitalkeys.co. Connect with LEAPIN Digital Keys on Facebook (/digitalkeys) and twitter (@digitalkeys) and their online store is https://locksbnb.com