Updated Win32_SystemEnclosure Chassis Types

The Win32_SystemEnclosure WMI Class has been rather valuable over the years in order to properly detect and target specific software, drivers etc. to a particular type of system.  The problem is that while it has been a staple over the years it has had many revisions.  These revisions are part of the DMTF Specification in the SMBios, and within the recent few years we have seen changes which required new system chassis types to identify these hybrid devices.

If you look at the Class on MSDN linked above you'll see that the ChassisTypes Property has not been updated to reflect newer options since the original DMTF Specification 2.3.0 more than a decade ago.  Since that time 12 new chassis types have been introduced.  Technologies like MDT that still leverage this class will need to be updated with the below list if they are being utilized in your environment so that your deployments continue to work as these new breed of devices start to transition themselves into your fleet of supported models.  This applies to any scripts or Group Policies as well that require this level of targeting.  Hopefully this list helps someone save a few minutes of their day.

As a side note there are other ways to test for these conditions by checking Win32_Battery or by using Win32_ComputerSystem and the PCSystemType Properties but all have there own downsides i am curious to here what has been most reliable for you all!

Below is the current list as of version 3.1.1 posted 1/13/2017.

Other (1)

Unknown (2)
Desktop (3)
Low Profile Desktop (4)
Pizza Box (5)
Mini Tower (6)
Tower (7)
Portable (8)
Laptop (9)
Notebook (10)
Hand Held (11)
Docking Station (12)
All in One (13)
Sub Notebook (14)
Space-Saving (15)
Lunch Box (16)
Main System Chassis (17)
Expansion Chassis (18)
SubChassis (19)
Bus Expansion Chassis (20)
Peripheral Chassis (21)
RAID Chassis (22)
Rack Mount Chassis (23)
Sealed-case PC (24)
Multi-system chassis (25)
Compact PCI (26)
Advanced TCA (27)
Blade (28)
Blade Enclosure (29)
Tablet (30)
Convertible (31)
Detachable (32)
IoT Gateway (33)
Embedded PC (34)
Mini PC (35)
Stick PC (36)

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