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QnA Maker enables you to create FAQ chatbots from existing data. This solution idea shows how to use QnA Maker to answer common employee questions.

Potential use cases

The bot responds using existing company knowledge bases (KB). The bot can choose from multiple knowledge bases based on the intent of the query. And, with active learning, data champions in the company can improve the quality of the knowledge bases based on employee feedback.

This solution is optimized for the retail industry.


Architecture diagram: answer employee questions using internal knowledge bases and QnA Maker. Download an SVG of this architecture.


  1. Employee accesses FAQ bot.
  2. Azure Active Directory validates the employee's identity.
  3. Query is sent to Language Understanding (LUIS) model to get the intent of the query.
  4. Based in the intent, the query is redirected to the appropriate knowledge base.
  5. QnA Maker gives the best match to the incoming query.
  6. The result is shown to the employee.
  7. Data champions manage and update their QnA knowledge bases using feedback from user traffic.


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