Extracts a substring from a source string starting from some index to the end of the string.

Optionally, the length of the requested substring can be specified.

substring("abcdefg", 1, 2) == "bc"


substring(source, startingIndex [, length])


  • source: The source string that the substring will be taken from.
  • startingIndex: The zero-based starting character position of the requested substring.
  • length: An optional parameter that can be used to specify the requested number of characters in the substring.


startingIndex can be a negative number, in which case the substring will be retrieved from the end of the source string.


A substring from the given string. The substring starts at startingIndex (zero-based) character position and continues to the end of the string or length characters if specified.


substring("123456", 1)        // 23456
substring("123456", 2, 2)     // 34
substring("ABCD", 0, 2)       // AB
substring("123456", -2, 2)    // 56