Azure Data Factory whitepapers

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Whitepapers allow you to explore Azure Data Factory at a deeper level. This article provides you with a list of available whitepapers for Azure Data Factory.

Whitepaper Description
Azure Data Factory—Data Integration in the Cloud This paper describes how Azure Data Factory can enable you to build a modern data warehouse, enable advanced analytics to drive intelligent SaaS applications and lift your SQL Server Integrations Services packages to Azure.
SAP data integration using Azure Data Factory This paper summarizes Azure Data Factory's current support on SAP data integration, including target scenario, SAP connector options and comparison for different requirements, and introduction on each SAP connector in Data Factory.
Azure Data Factory: SSIS in the Cloud This paper goes over why you would want to migrate your existing SSIS workloads to Azure Data Factory and address common considerations and concerns. We'll then walk you through the technical details of creating an Azure-SSIS IR and then show you how to upload, execute, and monitor your packages through Azure Data Factory using the tools you are probably are familiar with like SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).
Azure data Factory -Passing Parameters This article walks you through how to pass parameters between a pipeline and activity as well as between the activities.
Azure data Factory -DevOps This whitepaper covers some of the best practices around continuous integration and deployment of Azure Data Factory.