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Get expert help from Microsoft partners who build comprehensive solutions that include Azure Cognitive Search. The following partners have deep experience with integration of full-text search and AI enrichment across a range of business and technical scenarios.

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Agolo Agolo is the leading summarization engine for enterprise use. Agolo’s AI platform analyzes hundreds of thousands of media articles, research documents and proprietary information to give each customer a summary of key points specific to their areas of interest.

Our partnership with Microsoft combines the power and adaptability of the Azure Cognitive Search platform, integrated with Agolo summarization. Rather than typical search engine snippets, the results page displays contextually relevant Agolo summaries, instantly enabling the user to determine the relevance of that document to their specific needs. The impact of summarization-powered search is that users find more relevant content faster, enabling them to do their job more effectively and gaining a competitive advantage.
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BA Insight BA Insight Search for Workplace is a complete enterprise search solution powered by Azure Cognitive Search. It is the first of its kind solution, bringing the internet to enterprises for secure, "askable", powerful search to help organizations get a return on information. It delivers a web-like search experience, connects to 80+ enterprise systems and provides automated and intelligent meta tagging. Product page
BlueGranite BlueGranite offers 25 years of experience in Modern Business Intelligence, Data Platforms, and AI solutions across multiple industries. Their Knowledge Mining services enable organizations to obtain unique insights from structured and unstructured data sources. Modular AI capabilities perform searches on numerous file types to index data and associate that data with more traditional data sources. Analytics tools extract patterns and trends from the enriched data and showcase results to users at all levels. Product page
Enlighten Designs Enlighten Designs is an award-winning innovation studio that has been enabling client value and delivering digitally transformative experiences for over 22 years. We are pushing the boundaries of the Microsoft technology toolbox, harnessing Cognitive Search, application development, and advanced Azure services that have the potential to transform our world. As experts in Power BI and data visualization, we hold the titles for the most viewed, and the most downloaded Power BI visuals in the world and are Microsoft’s Data Journalism agency of record when it comes to data storytelling. Product page
Neal Analytics Neal Analytics offers over 10 years of cloud, data, and AI expertise on Azure. Its experts have recognized in-depth expertise across the Azure AI and ML services. Neal can help customers customize and implement Cognitive Search across a wide variety of use cases. Neal Analytics expertise ranges from enterprise-level search, form, and process automation to domain mapping for data extraction and analytics, plagiarism detection, and more. Product page
Neudesic Neudesic is the trusted technology partner in business innovation, delivering impactful business results to clients through digital modernization and evolution. Our consultants bring business and technology expertise together, offering a wide range of cloud and data-driven solutions, including custom application development, data and artificial intelligence, comprehensive managed services, and business software products. Founded in 2002, Neudesic is a privately held company headquartered in Irvine, California. Product page
OrangeNXT OrangeNXT offers expertise in data consolidation, data modeling, and building skillsets that include custom logic developed for specific use-cases.

digitalNXT Search is an OrangeNXT solution that combines AI, optical character recognition (OCR), and natural language processing in Azure Cognitive Search pipeline to help you extract search results from multiple structured and unstructured data sources. Integral to digitalNXT Search is advanced custom cognitive skills for interpreting and correlating selected data.

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Plain Concepts Plain Concepts is a Microsoft Partner with over 15 years of cloud, data, and AI expertise on Azure, and more than 12 Microsoft MVP awards. We specialize in the creation of new data relationships among heterogeneous information sources, which combined with our experience with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Cognitive Services, exponentially increases the productivity of both machines and human teams. We help customers to face the digital revolution with the AI-based solutions that best suits their company requirements. Product page
Raytion Raytion is an internationally operating IT business consultancy with a strategic focus on collaboration, search and cloud. Raytion offers intelligent and fully featured search solutions based on Microsoft Azure Cognitive Search and the Raytion product suite. Raytion's solutions enable an easy indexation of a broad range of enterprise content systems and provide a sophisticated search experience, which can be tailored to individual requirements. They are the foundation of enterprise search, knowledge searches, service desk agent support and many more applications. Product page