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PrinterSettings.PaperSourceCollection.GetEnumerator Method


Returns an enumerator that can iterate through the collection.

 System::Collections::IEnumerator ^ GetEnumerator();
public System.Collections.IEnumerator GetEnumerator ();
member this.GetEnumerator : unit -> System.Collections.IEnumerator
Public Function GetEnumerator () As IEnumerator


An IEnumerator for the PrinterSettings.PaperSourceCollection.


This method instantiates an enumerator that takes a snapshot of the current state of the collection. The enumerator does not have exclusive access to the collection, so multiple enumerators can have access to the same collection at the same time. Therefore, any changes made to the collection, either directly or through another enumerator, can cause Current or MoveNext to throw an exception.

Two enumerators instantiated from the same collection at the same time can contain different snapshots of the collection.

Removing objects from the enumerator also removes them from the collection.

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